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Len and Gary's Super Deluxe Color Ballparks
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Welcome to Len and Gary's Super Deluxe Color Ballparks for Strat-O-Matic Website! Len has created a set of high definition color ballparks that will enhance your computer game play. All of the content is free for you to use.

Please remember that the Strat-O-Matic Game company produces our favorite games and that we should continue to help support them. This site is intended to enhance your game playing experience and in turn increase interest in SOM games.

In order to use these images, you MUST install the Color Stadiums disk . Many of these images also require the Old Time Ballparks disk to be installed (Both of these disks are available for purchase from SOM.). The black + white images posted here are in "true color" and still require the the presence of the Color disk.

To use these images Click on the stadium picture to download a zip file that contains the .bmp and .loc files. You then need to unzip the file into a temporary directory. Rename the files to a valid Strat-O-Matic ballpark name by removing our catalog # (e.g. Bp031_5-19-02.bmp gets renamed to Bp031.bmp and Bp031_5-19-02.loc gets renamed to Bp031.loc). Or you may wish to call it Bp031d.bmp / Bp031d.loc, then a second image Bp031n.bmp / Bp031n.loc. Now copy and paste the files into the DATA folder of the game directory (typically c:\cdrombb\Data). You may already have an image for that park installed there, so you may decide to move the game supplied image file/s elsewhere, rename it, or rotate versions in and out of that folder. Please be aware that these images, because of their file size, will NOT display in your team notebook view. So don't worry that there's something wrong with the game or the image. This is the only conflict that we anticipate.

Strat-O-Matic Ballpark Codes

Updated Ballpark Codes for Strat-O-Matic with new codes that match our homebrewed ballparks - contributed by Ron Patalona

Team Names over the years - contributed by Ron Patalona

SOM Ballpark Codes for Strat-O-Matic

Click on the stadium image to download the zip file that contains the .bmp and .loc files. Do not use "Save Picture as...".

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Bp035_10-19-03 Bp035_8-25-02
Bp035_12-2-02 Bp035_5-3-03
Bp036_10-19-03 Bp036_11-15-02
Bp037_2-27-06 Bp037_2-28-06
Bp037_4-6-03 Bp037_11-10-03
Bp038_4-6-03 Bp038_5-3-03
Bp038_3-9-03 Bp038_4-7-03
Bp038_10-25-05 Bp038_28Feb06
Bp039_28Feb06 Bp039_4-6-03
Bp039_12-3-02 Bp039_9-14-03

  Gary's Strat-O-Matic Super Deluxe Color Ballparks 35-39